Develop a smarter organization with the training platform created to help excellent teams thrive.

Appear for the training, wait for the action

An inherent interface indicates training feels proper from the very initial click. And with secure access on every device, scholars dive in anytime, anywhere. Eager to go, best out of the box

Jump the months-long plan times that make your training programs just fizzle out. Create new courses with some easy clicks, add users, and go live by the end of the day.

Go with your way, talks their language

Teams include training when it’s appropriate. Customize their knowledge to suit your branding and confine your users’ languages for training that seems like it’s made just for them.

If you’re using an LMS to entertain your training and development program, one of the biggest hurdles sounds like the easiest: making everyone log in and enter online training sessions.

Having a training request email sample sketched in advance is the most reliable way to understand you’ve consistently reached the vital information: how your employees log in and why they should.

To give you a head start, we’ve drawn synchronically everything you need to send out a captivating LMS login training announcement, including a downloadable template you can customize whenever you need it. Just pop in the appropriate features, and you’re good to go.