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We Offer an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution that provides enterprise-level tools to manage and control business contents. It’s reliable, fast, efficient, and secure. ECM allows your systems to communicate to provide you the right information in seconds, therefore saving your time and cost. You don’t have to worry where the required data was stored, our ECM system does it all for you.


Windream is one of the best Enterprise Content Management Solution that acts as a central hub for all the data and files of an organisation for secure access from anywhere, at any time without any data loss, duplication and error. It also helps in tracking all the modifications made to a file with complete details of when, where, how, and by whom making it extremely reliable. One of the most important core functionality of Windream is its high-level security, capturing, editing and easy integration capabilities.

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Windream ECM was tested on Architecture, Archiving, Administration, Document Import, Meta-Data and Files, Retrieval, Working with Documents, Workflow and E-Mail Management out of which 9/11 come out to be 100 % .

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