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Pioneers in Industrial Refrigeration & Heating Solutions uses Windream for DMS and Secure data access

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Project Details

  • Windream - ECM Solution
  • Software Development
  • KTI – Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH (Dubai Branch)
  • August 12, 2021


Founded in 1986, KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH is a 100% family owned company with its head office in Germany, positioned themselves as one of the pioneers in industrial refigeration & heating solutions providing high-end plant design with the best quality. As the inventor of the first containerized, turnkey refrigeration plant, KTI has delivered and installed more than 3,000 solutions worldwide. The company aquired the business unit “Silo & Concrete Heating” of Belimed Sauter AG ,in 2010 that combined and offered optimal all-in-one-solution to the end customers.

How they worked before

As they have branches in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and many other countries, a secure data access from everywhere have been a pain for them. They tried different methods but were not completely satisfied with any. The security & transparency of data were a priority for them. Tracking the history of data were almost not possible with the other methods.

That’s when we introduced Windream to them. With Windream, they were able to manage data from anywhere through the secured web access. The ERP was integrated with Windream which helped in automatically storing files to DMS. With Windream automation, the files were automatically indexed, and retrieval of files were much easier and simpler. The history of files could be tracked, and the customization offered a unique experience to the users.

After the installation and deployment

Once the company had begun using Windream, none of these issues were ever raised again. Besides the existing features, the IT Head was able to provide custom rights to each department in each branch. No additional training was required for the users to use Windream.

Looking into the future

KTI plans to implement more features to manage all types of documents. They are also looking for more customization on the data retrieval and more automation for user uploaded data. They are also planning to implement Windream in other branches as well