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Illumin8 Implements Business Continuity Solution

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Project Details

  • Business Continuity Solution
  • Software Development
  • Illumin8 FZC
  • August 12, 2021


Illumin8 Group has built up an impressive portfolio of multinational and local clients based in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. This has involved them in a diverse range of projects across a broad spectrum of customers.


Illumin8 is a manufacturing concern having office in Sharjah and branch in UK. On daily basis they update entire current day’s production SQL database to UK office. And apart from this they also send entire data of the current day in their backup server. Once the person who was responsible for updating the data to UK office mistakenly instead of deleting the data of previous day he deleted the data of current day and it could become a big issue for the company if the deleted couldn’t be recovered.

Since the data was very critical as it was holding information such as Purchase order, Bill Payable and Order and Delivery status and other information valuable for the company. Since the data was very critical and for deleting the employee could face serious problems it was important to recover that data. “The challenge here was to recover the entire data of that particular day with any loss or alteration in the data”. As the company was already having BC and Disaster recovery plan in place as a solution provided by Missan Computer, there was wide possibility that the data will be recovered and with the help of technical support of Missan computer the data was recovered but still there was one issue with the recovered data, the data recovered was showing broken SQL link, it was nearly impossible to use the recovered data into use, for the data to make usable again the broken link was fixed manually by us.


The result of this operation was that the management was able to recover the entire data and there was no loss of any critical information. Since in the beginning the management of Illumin8 was quite reluctant to take up the BC and Disaster recovery solution but after this incident they were quite satisfied with the use and performance of this solution provided to them by us. This solution has proved yet again that for organization depending excessively on data Shadow Protect is good Back up plan management for the organization as the best thing about shadow protect is that it restoring data capability is extremely impressive and reliable.