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Emirates Industrial City Co (EIC) Handles Approval Process Easily With Our ECM Solution.

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Project Details

  • Workflow Management Solution
  • Software Development
  • Emirates Industrial City
  • 2019

One of the leading industrial real estate developers uses windream for DMS and Quick Document Approval Process

Emirates Industrial City Co is one of the leading industrial real estate developers in UAE having unique standards of infrastructure which accommodates wide span of commercial and industrial activities. As real estate dealers, they must handle contracts and other sales documents and keep them in their warehouse units located near their front office in Sharjah.

How they worked before

Until 2017, they used to get all original copies of contracts and other sales documents and keep them in their warehouse units located near their front office (EIC, Sharjah). These documents were not kept as separate units according to the type of document or according to the company. So, getting a contract from all the documents kept in warehouse was a tedious task.

Apart from storing, the documents had to be sent across to different departments for the approval and other verifications. But this process did not guarantee the completion part. However, if a specific document had to be found, how should one find that among the bundle of paper works they receive daily? The challenge was not just the searching part. They often faced the issue of documents getting forgotten or replaced and this is difficult to track, and faults will be blamed by the department and staffs upon each other.

After the installation and deployment

Since the company has been using windream, none of these issues were ever raised again. Besides the document management and archiving system, the custom application for dynamic business flow – FMS (File Movement System), simplified their work. Whether contracts or sales documents – all relevant documents of a business process are centrally stored in windream and can immediately be retrieved on request. Additionally, all documents they had until before implementing the solution were post-processed and imported into windream.

Emirates Industrial City’s CEO, Mohd Al Hazza, has been familiar with the windream brand name says : “Our experience at Emirates Industrial City with Missan has been wonderful. We have reached optimal level of a paperless office where our data, communication and business processes have been optimized. The people could work from a distance and you can track and relate it’s all activities in the company”.

Looking into the future

EIC plans to implement more features to manage all types of documents. As the current solution has given them a huge improvement on productivity, they have started to move with the Contract Management solution which enables them to get alerts before any document expires.