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Data , Data Everywhere !

If you are new to the concept of enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise content management solutions, you may find it confusing at first. And for good reason.


ECM in a Nutshell

Being partner with Windream – a company based in Germany and successfully developing ECM-system for the past 25 years and has completely integrated their ECM-system with windows.

Having the overall benefit of integration onto the operating system , Users wont have to login to a seperate application of any kind . Windream uses active directory login to authenticate the user. Other benefits include Drag & Drop of Documents , OCR , Mail Integration , Process automation etc .

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Solutions We Provide

Easy handling and complete integration into the operating system –
these are the keyfacts of the windream ECM-system.


Administer & Archive documents

Do you still go down to your cellar to fetch documents and paper files?


Saving e-mails securely

Are you still in trouble finding out the 5 year old mail ?


Optimising Business Processes

The more complex they are, the more difficult are business processes to control.


Mobile App

The only ECM in the market where you can approve documents on the fly !


Scan & Index Documents

Approved tool against file stacks on your desk: Scanners!


Extending SharePoint - As an ECM

What are the pros & cons of SharePoint?


ERP Integration

Windream talks to almost every application out there . All it requires is an API .


Decentralised DMS

NAS Storage , SAN Storage , Cloud Storage , Hosting Solutions , Physical Drives etc .

Some of Our
Success Stories

Have a look at some of our successful implementation over
GCC & Germany !