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Employee Tracking Solution

The #1 Time Tracking Software Fully Automated,Reliable, Cost effective, Efficient in UAE, Sharjah, Dubai1 1

For an Organisation to run effectively, time management is an important factor. Measuring the time utilized for each work/project helps in better planning and outlining. Missan’s Fully Automated Time Tracking Software is extremely Efficient and Reliable for companies of any size and helps in staying connected to your team members remotely around the globe.

The Software helps in serving great clarity on your remote team members work, regardless of the time zone and the place you and your employees are working. Smart planning & executing conscious control of time spent on activities helps in increased efficiency and productivity. It also promotes in accomplishing bigger tasks in a shorter time, leading to added free time, that can be utilized for other fruitful works.

For more information : https://www.timecamp.com/

Missan’s Time Tacking Software is :

Automated Time Tracker

Serves great clarity on Remote Team Member's Work,How long they are working, on what and which project etc.

GPS Location Tracker

Gives detailed updates on the where your employee was and the time spent there.

Project Manager

Helps in distributing the work on projects and tasks and track the progress performed by your each team member.

Team Manager

The tool works as a complete corporation tool with all the features necessary to manage a great team.

Attendance Tracker

Monitors the attendance of each team member and reports automatically.

Quick Online Invoice Generator

The tool provides quick online invoice generation option based on the amount of time spent on each project.

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