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Remote Work Solutions

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We live in a digital world, where things are made easier with technology to solve all your worries. Due to the unexpected outbreak of Corona Virus, Organizations are making a sudden shift to remote work or work from home options to avoid the drastic spread of the illness. Missan IT Solutions will help you with all your requirements, necessary in making your remoting working possible in the most effective manner.

Online Meeting

Missan IT Solutions provide you with great Video Conferencing Solution that is user-friendly and cost-effective in bringing all your employees under the same roof, creating a convenient common work environment to conduct meetings, discussions, presenting the report.

Create and manage your work platform is 4 easy steps:

Create a “Space” – Invite your staffs – Accept the invite – Share content (meeting, discussion and many more)


Data Accessing Solutions:


Absence of data or files to work with could be the greatest hinder for remote work. Also, if you cannot access, track and save your files from one common platform in the most secure manner there is a high chance of data loss, duplication and errors , which could pose a problem for running an organization .


Enterprise Content Management System

<p>ECM is a document management system that acts as a central hub for all your files along with Business Process Automation, complaint archiving, Invoice and Contract Management and many other capabilities. It also helps in tracking modifications made on the files, by whom, when and through which system, etc. making it the most reliable, secure and effective manner of storing data for any organization. Missan It Solution provides you with free 3-month licensing to deploy the software for your organization. For more information <a href="https://www.missancomputer.com/solutions/enterprise-content-management.php">Click Here:</a></p>

Cloud Services

Missan can help you with the most reliable and protected Cloud Services for easier and secured access to data from anywhere, at any time. Data plays a vital role in an organization of any level. We provide you with the best data storing solutions for data of any size along with its backup.
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