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Enterprise Content Management

Data , Data Everywhere !

Is Unorganised data a problem to you ?

If you are reading this , you are definitely in the market searching for a solution to your Document problem. Out of a survey done by the DMS assosciation , 5 out of 10 Employees spend approximately 50-60 hrs a month searching for the necessary documents .

We have met clients who infact has even lost court cases as they were not able to deliver the necessary documents on time . Imagine the loses your company could inccur if such a scenario occurs .


You could end up in a very similar situation , click here for detailed view of our product

Document management System

Scan , Index , Store , Search , Version & OCR any type / extension of documents at merely a click of a button .

Complaint Archiving

Store your older documents in bulk and retrieve them using Full Text Recognition Feature

Business Process Automation

Creating a process within has never been this easy ! Create a process by just Drag & Drop .

Invoice Management

Store all invoices of the organisation onto one central repository & access .

Contract Management

Keep track of all types of contracts such as expiry period . Get custom alerts.

Electronic Signature

Sign documents digitally with just a click of a button .

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