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E Learning Solution

Employ the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable E-Learning Solutions to help keep your school/ institute progress without any hinder for any level of education, from Kindergarten to Graduates and Post Graduates. Missan’s E-Learning solution powered by Microsoft is a cloud-based application that is secure and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, it also interactive and highly engaging. Thus, making it the best substitute for your school.

Some of the benefits of the application:

  • • Easy Access: The Data on the cloud can be accessed by both the faculty and the student, with whom the data is shared from anywhere, at any time independent of the device they choose in the most secure manner.
  • • Always Updated: The application eliminates the need for Manual Updating on all the device expected to be in use as it is based on the cloud. Automatic Updation of the application happens occurs with ease.
  • • Minimal Resources: The application requires only a device and a proper internet connection for use.

Some of the most important features that make Missan’s E-Learning Solution to be the best and easy to use substitute to your school are:


Virtual Classrooms

The teacher can easily create a “space “which will serve as the virtual classroom where the class can communicate with each other and explain topics.

Whiteboard & Screen Sharing

This feature of the application can be used by the teachers to write contents or show associated files/images live on the screen for easier understanding of topics for the students.


Each Student can his/her notebook for each subject which can be broken down into separate units, chapters and subsections for easy learning.

Cloud Storage

All data saved by faculty and students can be saved to the cloud which in turn reduces the amount of data storage equipment required by the school.

Content Sharing

Files of Syllabus and other contents can be easily shared among the faculty members or student in both read-only and read/write mode with ease.


The teacher can assign works easily by just simply sharing the file in read/write mode, where each student will receive a copy of the file where he/she can carry out his individual work.

Quiz & Test

Each student will receive the test paper as the copy of the original file shared by the teacher and the answers of each student along with the marks scored can be analyzed instantly for creating reports.


The Number of students who attended the class can be marked by simply checking the meeting attendance.

New Academic Year

With every new Academic year the students' graduates and their data can be removed from the cloud making space for the new students.

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