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RANSOMWARE dominates the threat landscape.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security - Jodi Rell- eighty-seventh Governor of the Connecticut.

Verizon DBIR report of 2018, concludes that the RANSOMWARE attacks have doubled over the past year.

Businesses are still not investing in appropriate security technologies ending up with having to pay the RANSOM and the cyber criminals are winners. Analysis of 53,000 security incidents and 2215 breaches, the report says that 39 percent of the security incidents occurred due to ransomware attacks. Cyber-criminals are targeting business critical systems rather than desktops, which gives the attackers chances of extorting more money. Encrypting a database server, file server or an ERP server is more damaging to a business than the encryption of the User system.76% of the Ransomware attacks were financially motivated Organizations need to invest in backup of systems, have a layered security system, such as email security, firewall and endpoint security systems to thwart the attack.Last but not the least is the security awareness to be imparted to employees.No Security implementation can function without the cooperation of the system users.

Recently in March 2018, Systems at the Atlanta City was targeted and infected, compromising the working of many departments, crippling government websites. The hackers demanded a ransom of $ 51000 for decryption key.