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9 Facts That Show Videos Are Getting More Prominent in the SERP's

1. Suggested Clips Appear on the SERP page

These suggested clips are nothing short of amazing.

Just type a popular “how-to” query in the search box (like “how to tie a lace youtube” or “how to fold a shirt video”) and Google shows you a video with the answer you are looking for.
The suggested clip feature can make your “How to” content more popular by placing video results directly on the search page.

2. Placement of video ads on Bing and Yahoo

The ads contain a thumbnail with a play button. When you click on the thumbnail, the ad is expanded and it starts autoplaying.Search engines other than Google are also placing video content in their search results offering more options to marketers. With video ads on the SERP page, marketers will have a higher chance to attract and convert their potential prospects.

3. Google is testing a video autoplay feature in the search results

Not all users will be able to see these videos as this is a part of Google’s regular A/B testing. But it indicates Google’s vested interest in enriching the SERP page with more video results. While we are not sure if this feature will roll out permanently, it sure points out to the “preferential treatment”.Search engines are continuously seeking to design their search results around video content. In the wake of such a dynamic scenario, it becomes crucial for marketers to understand the importance of the video SEO landscape which is continuously transforming

4. Facebook puts video first

Facebook is featuring its native video features more prominently. Plus, Facebook’s algorithm updates give a preferential treatment to Facebook Live. While the average engagement for a live and a non-live video doesn’t show much difference, Facebook live does perform a bit better.
Overall, video might be your best bet with Facebook’s algorithm update. So before you turn your Facebook video strategy around, we suggest you stick to what works for your brand.

5. Google gives more preference to landing pages with videos

One of the major reasons behind this magical rank boost is the “dwell time” metric that Google uses to judge webpages.The dwell time metric indicates a user’s engagement with your web page. The more time your users spend on your page, the more it weighs on how high a search engine will rank it.Having a video on your homepage can help you book a seat on the first page of Google. So if your landing page still doesn’t have a video, it is time you get one.

6. Google’s Video Intelligence API can read video content (finally!)

Google’s new Video Intelligence API enables it to decode video content. The tool was able to identify objects in the video, matching it with related keywords.With this feature rolling in, black hat SEO techniques may soon find their way out. If you really want your video content to bring better results, you might have to direct more efforts into your video marketing strategy.

7. Videos drive a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines

Over a period of 18 months, the team observed a 157% increase in traffic from search engines when they started posting video content regularly. Their video content included a diverse set of video genres: product demos, customer testimonials, interviews etc.For a manifold increase in organic traffic from search engines, you should invest in video content. Additionally, do not stick to one specific video format.

8. YouTube video previews on mouse over to enrich browsing experience

One more useful development is the preview feature that lets you have a sneak peek of the video content on YouTube homepage and search results. This is currently for desktop users and only for videos that are over 30 seconds long get this preview feature.The preview helps users enrich their video browsing experience. If you are on Youtube trying to find a good video to watch, the preview feature will help you gauge its content before you hit play.

9. Google introduced video reviews to Google maps

This allows search engines to target their audience through Google maps data. Google says that using intent-based audience like this can increase ad recall by 20%.Google is targeting users more effectively with video content. For now, the google maps video feature has been rolled out to local guides and might be released publically in the near future.

Whether we talk about Google or Bing or social media sites, the consumption of video content is on the rise.

As has been pointed out by Cisco, by 2020, 80% of all internet traffic will be video content. This marks an important shift in how search engines value videos.

Given above are a few facts that clearly depict this preferential treatment.

In case we have missed out on something, we would love to know it from you. Leave us a comment.