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RE-MARKETING - How is it done?

To put it simply, marketing has one single purpose: to get more sales. That’s not exactly a ground-breaking revelation, I know, but we need to say it to set the stage for the discussion and understand the purpose of remarketing.

Remarketing works on a simple concept, and it’s relatively easy to set up on your website.

You simply place what’s called a remarketing tag on your website. You could technically place this tag on every single page of your site, though it is more effective to focus on specific products or services.

For example, you may want to place this remarketing tag on a page that offers a product that most consumers won’t buy the first time they see it. These might be larger, luxury items that consumers naturally want to research before making a purchase. Or it could be a highly competitive product, where others are offering the same type of product.

Once a customer visits that page, a cookie is left on the user’s browser. If they leave your site without converting, they will begin to trigger your targeted ads through the Google Display Network when they visit other relevant websites.

At its core, remarketing allows you to deliver ads that directly target the people who have visited your website. When those people leave your website, whether they bought something or not, they will start to see your ads show up in relevant places across the internet.

These ads are just like traditional PPC marketing. These ads may be delivered to your potential customers on other websites, but you don’t pay for anything until someone clicks on it.

Ultimately, remarketing is a strategy that lets you reconnect with potential and existing customers as they browse different areas of the internet. They may have only been curious about your products before, but as they continue to consider their options – and continue to see your brand show in relevant places – there is a much better chance that they’ll come back to your site when they’re ready to make a purchase.

You can customize how these ads are triggered and where the remarketing tags are embedded in your website, which gives you greater control over who you want to target and how you want to target them.

Remarketing and PPC go hand in hand, and the same techniques used to zero in on the best keywords and segment your audience to ensure your audience is seeing the best possible messaging.