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Head Quarters

# 1503 , Buheirah Corniche
Bel Rasheed Tower
Sharjah , U.A.E
+971 6 5626006

Branch Office

Adnic Tower 1 & 2
Al Majaz St .
Sharjah , U.A.E
+971 6 5626006

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Safety & Security
IT Security

In simple terms, adding security to the devices or Technology you use is IT Security. It is further classified into many categories .


Our success on IT Security was due to our experiences we have developed over 15 years of time. We have developed our own strategy as each Network is unique in their own way and so is the solutions for their problem is also unique from us.Where there is a Threat in your digital environment, there comes IT Security as your defense. These threats include Vulnerability, Eavesdropping, Exploits, Trojans, Viruses, Worms, Denial of Service(DoS), Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Spear Phishing, Payloads, Rootkits, Key loggers and many more.

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Solutions We Provide

Protect systems, data, and your peace of mind with verified backups and quick recovery options. Whether your environment is Windows or Linux, physical or virtual, we have you covered.


Email Security

Combat advanced malware , threat intelligence , Optimize Resources


Vulnerability Assesment

Analysing Buisness Process , Research on Weak Links , Designing Custom Based Solution


Penetration Testing

Analysing Buisness Process , Research on Weak Links , Designing Custom Based Solution


Wireless Security

Accidental association , Malicious association , Ad hoc networks , Man-in-the-middle attacks


Network Security

Virus , Eavesdropping , Data modification , Denial-of-service attack , DNS spoofing


Web Security

Cross-site scripting , SQL injection , Path disclosure , Denial-of-service attack , Arbitrary code execution


EndPoint Security

Client Server Model , Software As A Service , Corporate Security


System Security

Antivirus , Ransomwares , Malwares , Filters