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Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services

Missan IT Solutions have been providing end to end managed IT and consulting services to various domains for over 18 years abiding to structured policies and proven methodes that are effective and relaible. With a pre-defined set of protocols to deal with IT challenges, our team of dedicated and trained professionals renders support to business functions in the most productive manner.As a widely acclaimed name in providing hi-tech IT support services, we always aim to provide our customers with concrete solutions to tackle crucial IT issues for smooth run of business operations. Our Managed IT services focus on reduced risk, affordable pricing strategy, adherence to compliance & security standards. Introduction to newer and better technologies with a lesser turnaround time make us unique.

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Proactive monitoring

24/7 agent based monitoring for your IT infrastructure. Maintain system health & helps to resolve issues even before you know.

Onsite support/Oncall support

Certified IT Professionals for onsite visit who can quickly resolve issues onsite/remotely to get you up and running again. We also offer extended 24/7-365 support hours, available on request.

Back up & DR

Monitor & maintain the latest backup, which is ready for anytime restore.

Cloud Services

Design & Maintain best Email Service, Email Security & IT / Endpoint security via outstanding cloud services with 0% downtime.

Executive reports

Monthly reports, Case reports and Executive dashboard summary sent to the Customers.

IT Solutions

Design the tailored IT infrastructure which achieves all your business needs. Guide, Design & align the suitable solutions with best IT products to make your business up and running efficiently.

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